S6 Martial Arts Programs

Individual and Team Sports

S6 Martial Arts is the best of both worlds. Our Dojo is a safe, family-style atmosphere and even though you will be demonstrating your skills individually, your S6 team will never let you down. Not only will you have Sensei and our team of instructors by your side, but you will also have fellow students on their own personal journey. There will be times you will need to turn to them for support and there will be times you will need to return the favor. This creates lifelong friendships and bonds that cannot be broken.

Ages 3-5

Little Ninjas Martial Arts

Our Little Ninja program specializes in an age-specific curriculum, designed to teach our students in a fun, exciting, and enriching setting.

Ages 6-12

Youth Martial Arts

During our training, your child will learn how to assert themselves and deal with the natural excitement and fear that can cause them to overreact in difficult situations.

Ages 13+

Adult Martial Arts

Our basic programs are designed to lay a strong foundation of skill and conditioning. All new members are guided through a training routine that is modified to fit individual needs.

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S6 Martial Arts is in the process of moving into a new Dojo and our location is ever-changing!
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