S6 Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts

Have you ever wanted to try a Martial Art’s class but thought you were too old or that you needed to be in better physical shape to do so? Possibly the greatest gift of Martial Arts is its inclusiveness to all ages, genders, and ability levels. Our basic programs are designed to lay a strong foundation of skill and conditioning. All new members are guided through a training routine that is modified to fit individual needs.

Adult Martial Arts


No matter what age or fitness level, all can benefit from the emphasis on conditioning the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Mentally, students will develop the ability to concentrate and stay focused on their goals in and out of the Dojo.
  • Physically, students will become healthier, happier and more fit, all while learning the extremely valuable skills of self-defense.
  • Spiritually, Martial Arts triggers our positive emotions and teaches us to better control the negative ones. One can find true value internally from the learning process and execution of training.


Like anything in life, our students will get out of it what they put into it. We have adult students that have been training with us for over 20 years and they will tell you that sometimes Martial Arts is the only thing that keeps them sane. Strengthening your body and mind can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself at any age!

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