S6 Martial Arts

Youth Martial Arts

At S6 Martial Arts, we understand that there are several things to consider when choosing an extracurricular activity for your child, including the costs involved and the benefits received from participation. During our training, they will learn how to assert themselves and deal with the natural excitement and fear that can cause them to overreact in difficult situations. They will be led through simple yet effective scenarios and move towards more difficult lessons to help them overcome the uncomfortable feelings that occur in peer pressure situations.

Youth Martial Arts


You might think that Martial Arts is about fighting but it’s actually quite the opposite, in most cases.

Our school is both an individual AND team sport! While learning imperative individual skills through goal-setting and self-improvement, you will also see an increased level of comfort in group settings. Your child will learn how to rely on a student with more experience and how to be relied upon by a student with less experience. This ensures that all belt ranks are important to our Dojo. Being a part of our S6 team creates a sense of belonging and creates lifelong friendships.

Life Lessons

Our students learn valuable life skills that enhance solid character development and support your family values. They feel more confident in their lives by setting goals for themselves, showing respect to the students and instructors before them, and the positive encouragement they receive, especially during times of frustration or defeat. Improving their physical skill, building strength, and improving concentration and flexibility, will make your child strong in both mind and body. Truly, the most important skills they will develop in martial arts are self-control and the confidence to use it!

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